Pet Social Media

People posting pictures of their pets on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat has caused increased attention in pet social media. Because of this, the team at VOCAL has established its presence on Facebook.

We think social media is a great tool for VOCAL. We use it to post photos of our animals that are in need of adoption. This helps to give these animals greater exposure and increases their chances of being adopted.

Once we post a photo and offer information about the pet, those who follow us on Facebook begin liking the photo and commenting. Some even share the photo post, giving us even greater exposure. We always appreciate those who comment about and share our photos.

In addition to photos of our available pets, we also post stories and links to articles that pertain to what we do here at VOCAL. We like to help inform our followers on issues that are close to us and our cause.

We also post photos and information about upcoming pet adoption events that we are participating in. We hope you will help us get the word out about these events.

When we get photos of our pets at their new homes, we especially love to share those. As much as we love our animals, we love it when we can post a photo of a family adopting a new dog or a family enjoying time with a foster pet.

If you are following the pet social media trend, follow us on social media and join the conversation. We look forward to connecting with you!

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