Breed: Boxer
Age Group: 2 years 3 months.
Age Group:Adult
About Georgia: Hey, so I am just a little shy at first (especially with men folk) but I am sure learning confidence because these VOCAL peeps are loving me up!!! They say I am sweet as pie.:) I was rescued as a stray by some very patient people when I was still very afraid. I hid in the woods by their house but they kept feeding me until I trusted them enough to get close. Then they put a leash on me and I thought I was going to be theirs - but they couldn't keep me and so took me to the shelter. I was even more afraid there and hid my face in the corner and shook. The shelter people did not think anyone would adopt me and so they contacted VOCAL. I spent some time at headquarters and gradually made some friends there who were quiet and gentle. I learned to get excited about leashes because it meant FUN TIME!! Now I am in a foster home with lots of other dogs and a big fenced yard and I feel like my whole life is beginning! I play with other dogs and run in the yard and nap with my foster mom who loves me. She takes in other dogs whose people have gone away on a trip, so I have met a whole lot of other dogs since I've been here!! Sometimes I am a little nervous about them at first, but I am good at listening to my foster mom if she tells me to chill out. Eventually I have learned to like all of them and she is very proud of me. She feeds me in a crate which I like because it's safe, and I sleep there too although I wouldn't mind sleeping on a dog bed. I think she just likes me to be comfortable with the crate. I am housebroken and have good manners in the home. I am truly sweet as pie and a good little white boxer girl! I just know there is a forever home out there looking for me and so I will wait patiently.