Breed: Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie
Age Group: 13 years 4 months.
Age Group:Senior
About Brownie: Brownie would like you to know that he is just a little lap dog looking for love and affection! When we took Brownie in the poor little fellow had been somewhat neglected, but we are getting his coat back in good shape now. Brownie really likes to be in your presence and sticks close to his foster mom as she goes about the house... he is great company! His demeanor is quiet and laid back but with a "Come Brownie!" he will prance right up to the occasion. Brownie enjoys short walks and shows his little stuff on a leash! He does his pottying outside but every now and then might use a potty pad during the night. Brownie gets along well with the other small dogs in his foster home but likes his chow and prefers to dine solo. He seems a sensitive little soul -- his foster mom says he is definitely tuned in when the kitten she is bottle-feeding cries. Brownie could be your best buddy and he so deserves a forever home!